Electronics production

Dispensing in electronics production

In electronics production, VIEWEG dispensing systems apply the smallest quantities of adhesives, pastes, fluxes, paints, greases or other fluids precisely, reliably and reproducibly. This allows individual dispensing processes to be automated and accelerated.

Our users in electronics production process adhesives, fluxes, solder pastes, silicons, heat-conducting pastes and lacquers. Dispensing systems from VIEWEG dispense volumes from a few nanoliters to milliliters - with the highest accuracy. This means, depending on the application, with a deviation of less than one percent.

Example jet process

Manufacturers of placement systems integrate our compact adhesive dispensers into their machines. This saves the operator an additional gluing station. In SMD assembly, the VIEWEG jet valves shoot the dispensing medium directly onto the circuit board. As each drop has exactly the same shape, a vision system can automatically check the application and thus ensure quality.
The non-contact jet process is particularly useful for "underfill" applications. In contrast to classic dispensing with a dispensing needle, height differences of the components play a subordinate role, as the fluid is applied from a safe distance and damage to the component can therefore be completely ruled out.


VIEWEG dispensing valves are designed to be so robust that they function reliably even in harsh industrial environments and are easy to maintain. When using abrasive media, the modular design pays off because the customer can replace all fluid-carrying components and wear parts themselves.


VIEWEG not only supplies you with a catalog product, we also support you in the process of development from the preliminary development to the finished system. Benefit from our 40 years of experience in the field of dispensing technology and let our sales engineers and application experts help and advise you.


In a large number of applications, the right choice of dispensing system or the right automation has increased production speed by up to 70 percent with greater dispensing accuracy. Let our dosing experts advise you. We are also happy to answer questions on how dispensing processes can be automated efficiently.

Dispensing applications for

Assembly of SMD components
Conformal coating
Potting of bond wires and housings
Selective coating
Glob-top process
Bonding of passive electronic components
Underfill process
Optical bonding
Dam-and-fill process
Potting of transformers
Coating for insulation purposes
Potting of connectors
Masking for galvanic processes
Dispensing solder pastes
Processing of thermally conductive pastes
Dispensing of resistance pastes
Processing electrically conductive materials, e.g. silver conductive adhesives
Dispensing of conductive tracks
Marking of good/bad parts