In vehicle construction, low-viscosity and high-viscosity media must be dispensed quickly and precisely. VIEWEG supports its automotive customers with products and expertise to apply the smallest dispensing quantities with process reliability and repeat accuracy.

In the series production of vehicle parts, pastes and adhesives, oils, greases and paints must be applied to the component in exactly the right quantity. Exactly where they are needed.

Example jet process

With the jet valves from VIEWEG, you can shoot the medium onto your components. In individual drops of 2 nanoliters to 5 microliters, up to 1000 shots per second. With the jet process, every drop reaches its exact target. The process can be monitored for even greater safety. The drop flight can be controlled by a light barrier, the finished dosing pattern by a vision system. VIEWEG jet dispensing systems are often used in the automotive industry to solve dispensing problems. The dosing quantity is optimized by software: by specifically adjusting the drop size or number of drops. Thanks to the precise process, you use much less lubricant and avoid overspray. The component and component holder (nest) remain dry and clean. The needs-based application of greases and damping pastes is particularly important for elements that are touched by passengers. Such as the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel or switch panel.

Example volumetric dispensing

When potting connectors, the dispensing quantity can vary within a work cycle. The same applies when bonding displays and housings. Our eco-PEN is recommended for this needs-based dispensing. This allows the required target quantities to be applied variably, but with the precision of a volumetric dispensing process.


VIEWEG dispensing valves are designed to be so robust that they function reliably even in harsh industrial environments and are easy to maintain. When using abrasive media, the modular design pays off because the customer can replace all fluid-carrying components and wear parts themselves.


VIEWEG not only supplies you with a catalog product, we also support you in the process of development from the preliminary development to the finished system. Benefit from our 40 years of experience in the field of dispensing technology and let our sales engineers and application experts help and advise you.


In a large number of applications, the right choice of dispensing system or the right automation has increased production speed by up to 70 percent with greater dispensing accuracy. Let our dosing experts advise you. We are also happy to answer questions on how dispensing processes can be automated efficiently.


Greasing switches and rotary knobs (multifunction steering wheel, dashboard, ...)
Oiling speedometer needle drives
Greasing plastic components (gearboxes, pumps)
Initial oiling, initial greasing of engine components
Greasing electric parking brakes
Greasing interior parts (cup holders, fan blades)
Greasing exterior parts
Bonding trim strips and door sills
Application of creak protection media
Application of copper pastes
Application of heat-conducting pastes
Bonding sensitive components such as sensors
Application of solder pastes and fluxes
Potting of connectors
Greasing of connectors, micro-corrosion protection (contact grease Nyogel 760 G)
Sealing electrical, electromechanical and electronic components