Battery production

Dispensing for battery production

From the production of individual battery cells to the packaging and bonding of battery housings. VIEWEG dispensing valves are used in all areas of battery production.

Electromobility is currently revolutionizing the automotive industry. From battery cell production and the heat and cool management of batteries to electric motor production and the associated high-performance electronics, electromobility poses a variety of challenges for dosing technology that can be elegantly solved with existing experience.

Example jet process

In the production of battery cells, cathodes often have to be insulated. This process is handled elegantly with the VIEWEG DV 6110 jet valve. The insulator is applied contact-free, selectively and without "overspray". VIEWEG jet systems are also used for the precise dosing of electrolytes. In this process, the valves impress with their process reliability and high repeat accuracy. Corrosion-resistant materials in all fluid-carrying areas guarantee safe operation even when using corrosive fluids.

Example volumetric dispensing

In the production of battery packs, different dosing quantities are often required within one work cycle: In such cases, our volumetric dosing valves from the ECO-PEN product group are often used. This allows the required target quantities to be applied variably, but with the precision of a volumetric dosing process.


VIEWEG dispensing valves are designed to be so robust that they function reliably even in harsh industrial environments and are easy to maintain. When using abrasive media, the modular design pays off because the customer can replace all fluid-carrying components and wear parts themselves.


VIEWEG not only supplies you with a catalog product, we also support you in the process of development from the preliminary development to the finished system. Benefit from our 40 years of experience in the field of dispensing technology and let our sales engineers and application experts help and advise you.


In a large number of applications, the right choice of dispensing system or the right automation has increased production speed by up to 70 percent with greater dispensing accuracy. Let our dosing experts advise you. We are also happy to answer questions on how dispensing processes can be automated efficiently.

Dosieranwendungen für

Cathode sealing
Battery "Packaging"
Battery potting
Electrolyte filling.