Rectus-clutch quick connect

Rectus-clutch quick connect

Art. Nr.: 503495
Product ID: 990111-06-RT

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Číslo výrobku: 503495
Informace o výrobku "Rectus-clutch quick connect"

Rectus-clutch quick connect, red for 6/4 hose (build-in coupling)

Quick-release coupling, nominal width 2.7 mm, with connection for compressed air hose with outer ∅ 6 mm and inner ∅ 4 mm for installation, red 

Material: nickel-plated brass

Barva: red
Hmotnost (g): 16.5
Materiál: metal
Rozsah stlačeného vzduchu: up to 35 bar
Teplota: -20 to +100 °C
Technical specifications
Farbe: red
Material: metal
Gewicht: 16,5 g
Druckbereich: bis 35 bar
Temperatur: -20 bis +100 °C
Versandgewicht: 0.02 kg

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