Barrel adapter 10 cc

Barrel adapter 10 cc

Art. Nr.: 500976
Product ID: 560042A-AL-02

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Číslo výrobku: 500976
Informace o výrobku "Barrel adapter 10 cc"

Barrel adapters ensure that the compressed air provided by a dispenser, for example, is fed loss-free into the barrel containing the dispensing material. For a quick and comfortable exchange of the material barrel an optimal fit is necessary on the one hand, but also a sufficient tightness.
Our adapter heads combine these requirements and still fit the barrels of the well-known manufacturers - particularly well, of course, on our Series 8000.
The barrel adapters consist of adapter head with O-ring, connector plug, hose and safety clip.

Barva: green
Hmotnost (g): 40.3
Materiál: Aluminium
Rozsah stlačeného vzduchu: 0-7 bar
Teplota: 80 °C
Velikost (cc): 10
Technical specifications
Typ: adapter 1 m hose
Größe: 10 cc
Farbe: green
Material: aluminium
Gewicht: 40,3 g
Druckbereich: 0-7 bar
Temperatur: 80 °C
Versandgewicht: 0.045 kg

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