diaphragm valve DV-5625-T

diaphragm valve DV-5625-T

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Product ID: DV-5625-T

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Číslo výrobku: 504882
Informace o výrobku "diaphragm valve DV-5625-T"

The DV-5625-T diaphragm metering valve is suitable for low and medium viscosity liquids, as the diaphragm separates the liquid contacting parts of the control unit. These are optimal operating conditions for dispensing cyanoacrylates, paints, inks, electrolytes, glue, alcohols and other low viscous substances. The DV-5625-T diaphragm valve has a material chamber made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This metering valve is mounted vertically.

The valve is opened by a pulse of compressed air. An integrated spring closes the valve. The DV-5625-T valve clearly proves its superiority, especially for high-frequency dispensing cycles of small dispensing quantities. The respective quantities can be precisely adjusted by fine adjustment at the valve head. The Luer Lock connection has a very small dead volume.

Typical products
Adhesives, acids, alcohol/methanol, anaerobics, bases, cyanoacrylates, oils/greases/lubricants, solvents

Actuator: closed (NC)
Doporučení: AnaerobicsAqueous solutionConformal coatingsGreases, lubricantsOilSiliconSuper glue cyanoacrylatesUV glueVarnish, paint
Dávkovací metoda: pneumatic (pressure & time)
Dávkovací množství (min.)(ml): 0.001
Dávkovaný materiál: AcidsAdhesivesAlcohol / methanolAnaerobic adhesivesCyanacrylateInks and coloursOil, greases, lubricantsProtective lacquersSolventsUV adhesivesWater
Dávkovatelné tvary : Lines (string/rope)Points (dot)
Délka (mm): 80
Díly v kontaktu s materiálem: PTFE
Díly v kontaktu s materiálem (E): FDA compliantPP clearPTFE
Frekvence: 500 cycle/min
Hmotnost (g): 100
Materiál: PTFE
Pohon: pneumatic
Průtok: 300 ml/min (H2O, 2 bar)
Viskozita: low viscositymedium viscosity
Viskozita materiálu (max.): 50.000 mPas
Vnější Ø (mm): 27
Vstup materiálu: 1/8"
Výstup materiálu: Luer-Lock
Technical specifications
Operace: pneumatic (pressure+time)
Außen-Ø: 27 mm
Materialeinlass: 1/8 inch
Antrieb: pneumatic
Drucklufteingang: M5
Betriebsdruck (min.): 4 bar
Medienberührend: PTFE, PP transparent
Material: PTFE
Auslass: Luer Lock
Gewicht: 100 g
Länge: 80 mm
Materialauslass: Luer-Lock (needle connection)
Materialviskosität (max.): 50.000 mPas
Durchflussmenge: 300 ml/min (H2O, 2 bar)
Dosiermenge (min.): 0,001 ml
Schaltfrequenz: 500 cycle/min
Materialdruck (max.): 5 bar
Versandgewicht: 0.31 kg

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