Desktop Robot VR3300

Desktop Robot VR3300

Art. Nr.: 505937
Product ID: VR3303

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Číslo výrobku: 505937
Informace o výrobku "Desktop Robot VR3300"
The VR3300 model has a working range of 300 x 320 mm. Programming of the dispensing routine can be easily done with the Teachbox, supplied with the robot, or software for Microsoft® Windows® operating system.


Our cartesian dispensing robots automatically interpolate lines and curves in all axes. The VR3304 model is also equipped with a fourth axis for tool rotation. The powerful and user-friendly software provides clear user guidance for quick and easy program creation. This means that the device is ready for use within a few minutes.

Connection options:

The system is equipped with a (16 x input / 16 x output I/O signal interface for controlling external systems.


Programming is achived by means of a teach box (13-line display, illuminated). Perfect dispensing through continuous path movements. Optional Windows® and CAD software for entering coordinates.


  • Points, lines, arcs and circles
  • Seals, castings, fillings and insulations
  • Perfect dispensing due to repeat accuracy of max. 0.01 mm deviation
  • Computer skills not required
  • Fast, accurate and reliable

Technical data:

  • Speed PTP: X-axis 900 mm/s; Y-axis 900 mm/s; Z-axis 400 mm/s; R-axis 900 °/s
  • CP speed: 850 mm/s Combination of X/Y/Z movements
  • Repeat accuracy: VR3303 ± 0.007 mm per axis; VR3304 ± 0.01 mm per axis; R axis ± 0.008 °
  • Memory capacity: Max. 32,000 points per system card
  • Control: PTP (point to point) and CP (continuous motion)
  • Interpolation: XYZ axes simultaneous (CP) 3D line interpolation
  • Programming: Remote & Manual Data Input (MDI)
  • PLC: 100 programs, 1000 steps for each program
  • I/O signals: SYSTEM I/O 16 input and 16 output signals; USER I/O-1 (optional) 8 input and 8 output signals (incl. 4 relays); I/O-MT (optional): can additionally control up to two external motors
  • External interfaces: RS-232C (3 ch) for external device; USB for storing and loading programs or backup; Fieldbus CC-Link; DeviceNet; Profi bus (optional); LAN for PoE Industrial Hub Connections
  • Relative humidity: 35-85 % without condensation
Design: Table top robot
Napájení: 280 Watt
Napětí: AC 100-120 V, AC 200-240 V
Počet os: 3
Teplota: 0-40 ° C
Technical specifications
Kapacita paměti: 999 programs
Typ: desktop robot
Anzahl Achsen: 3
Arbeitsbereich in mm: 300 x 320 / 100 (r-axis± 360°)
Traglast Werkzeug: 7 kg
Traglast Tisch: 15 kg
Antrieb: Stepper
Gewicht: 35 kg
Temperatur: 0-40 ° C
Leistung: 280 Watt
Spannung: AC 100-120 V, AC 200-240 V
Geschwindigkeit (Vmax): 900 mm/sec
Versandgewicht: 70 kg

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