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This proven range of high performance industrial robots is designed for large volume and large area dispensing applications in automated manufacturing environments such as conveyor lines or system cells that require greater flexibility. The control in XYZ (R) axes is done by 5-phase pulse stepper motors. All axes are interpolated to ensure continuous application of the dispensing material. Application examples: Seals, bondings, encapsulations and encapsulations [Operation:]The kidney-shaped working area of the TMB100N dispensing robot is defined on the left and right in an arc, the robot itself stands in the middle. The length of the robot arm is 440 mm. The system is equipped with a 25/24 I/O signal interface for controlling external systems. An optional I/O extension is available to increase the I/O capacity to a 57 / 56 interface.[Programming:]With the Teachbox and dispensing software included in the scope of delivery, programming the dispensing robots of the TMB100N series is child's play. Industry-leading software designed specifically for liquid dispensing applications, enabling rapid and straightforward programming of complex dispensing structures
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