material container stainless steel

material container stainless steel Arhivat

Art. Nr.: 506783
Product ID: MDG-1
Informații despre produs "material container stainless steel"
The material container MDG-1 serves to supply and convey the dispensing medium. The material can be removed via a standpipe or floor outlet. Optionally, the containers can be equipped with low level sensor, heater and agitator.
The containers of the MDG series are adapted to the customer upon request.
Conexiune: oben
Diametru interior Ø (mm): 125
Rührwerk: ohne Rührwerk
Volum util: 1,1 l Nutzinhalt
Zona de lucru fara E: 6 bar
Specificatii tehnice
Model: ohne Rührwerk
Interior-Ø: 125 mm
Größe: 1,1 l Nutzinhalt
Anschluss: oben
Material: Edelstahl
Gewicht: 4,3 kg
Typ: MDG-1
Druckbereich: 6 bar
Versandgewicht: 0 kg

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