hose sensor

hose sensor

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Číslo výrobku: 503516
Informace o výrobku "hose sensor"

The hose sensor for air bubble detection was specially developed for industrial use. The non-contact measuring method is the basic requirement for hygienic and contamination-free applications. The hose is simply placed in the sensor and thus enables a quick and smooth change. The sensor adapts dynamically to changing acoustic conditions. This ensures a high stability of the measured values against fluctuating ambient conditions.

Außen-Ø (): 8
Gewicht #2 (g): 55.8
Innen-Ø (): 6
Prinzip: Durchfluß
Technical specifications
Operace: Flow
Vnitřní -Ø: 6
Außen-Ø: 8
Gewicht: 55,8 g
Versandgewicht: 0 kg